Friday, January 23, 2009

Jefferson had it right with the banking system and economics


Complex dynamic system. A modular approach will unleash the alpha necessary to evolve.

The first response in emotion and survival

you protect your fiefdom the best you can, the second must be intellectual and tactical you become more competitive - that's where we are going now.

Global and a digital

have unleahed a new competition in the economic system that many were not ready for or the system able to absorb.

The government is a business

World dominance is a losers game

the goal of capitalism is to put your competitors' out of business not your customers and this goes to the government as well.

Need to collaborate not dominate that's how you create alpha.

empower not dominate. Jefferson knew this. and the 007 thing.economics and leadership

obama - good, tough and smart, is he g-t-& smart enough to avoid the traps of flawed theories and special interests.

unleash and channel the animal instincts and ingenuity of human behavior not dominate or trap them. this is the role of politics and economics. creating proper incentives at all levels.